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by progainsedit on 28th September 2015



At PRO GAINS we truly believe fresh is best, when it comes to food. We deliver the freshest, most mouth-watering balanced meals, direct to your door. By fresh we’re talking no added nasties like preservatives and colourings. It’s food how nature intended, so your body can function as best as possible.

PRO GAINS believes fresh food is simply washed, cooked and simply prepared for eating. Full stop.


1) Fresh food will wake up your taste buds.

By eliminating processed foods, you can re-awaken your taste buds in just a couple of weeks. Think about it – how long have you been ‘covering up’ this vital sense, with a layer of chemicals? Yes – you can taste what you’re eating. But can you really appreciate it properly. When your taste buds are fully functional, you’ll be able to distinguish so much more. Your food will literally taste vibrant again, with the result you’ll find your meals so much more satisfying. We offer both amazing fish and vegetarian options, for those wanting to increase their Omega levels or have a plant based protein diet.

2) There are no chemicals, additives and flavourings

Ever read the packet of a pre-prepared meal and wondered what all those funny names mean? Or in what proportion/percentage ingredients appear? Manufacturers have clever (for clever substitute ‘devious’) ways of labelling packaging to disguise what they are doing to food.

For example, to avoid listing sugar as one of the top ingredients (you have to list a food in order of highest to lowest), then they may do the following. Firstly – they will call the sugar by several different names. It may appear as sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, brown sugar or dextrose. By ensuring none of them appear in very high quantities, they won’t feature at the beginning of the ingredients list – and the consumer is fooled into thinking sugar only plays a small part in the product. You simply don’t have these concerns with real, fresh food.

3) Fresh Food Is Still In Its Natural State

When you eat processed food, quite simply, it has been ‘altered’. Its structure is not as nature intended, and even though we are way down the evolutionary process, our bodies are not designed to process all the nasties in the food. Your body knows how to deal with fresh food – what goes where, and what should be eliminated.

4) Fresh food reduces risks of cancer and diabetes

As your body struggles to cope with all the toxins, it will be overloaded. This results in a backlog, which has to go somewhere. This will manifest in all sorts of ways – from allergies and intolerances, through to cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases and many more. Ask yourself this question – if you were presented with a plate full of chemicals and additives, with no food wrapped around it to disguise it – would you eat it?

SHOCKING FACT: A study by the British Medical Journal found that not even 1 of 100  supermarket ready meals it tested, meet the guidelines on nutrition as set out by the World Health Organisation.

5) Eating fresh gives you more energy

Feeling vibrant and alive – or sluggish, bloated and a little bit under the weather? It’s your choice. When we put food into our stomach, its job is to extract all the nutrients to power all the bodily functions. Many pre-prepared foods have little or no nutritional value – you may as well eat a piece of wallpaper! The current obsession with pre-packaged foods has given rise to the ‘over-fed but under-nourished’ phenomenon we have in the UK. As mentioned above, fresh food will feed you properly, and allow you to function at your maximum potential.

6) Eating Fresh Is Cheaper than you think!

When you compare our freshly prepared food to high quality ready meals from the supermarket, there really is no needs to be consuming processed and pre packed food. We source all our meat locally to enable us to offer you the best food and the lowest price. Many of our clients save money, because Pro Gains save you time on cooking, shopping, preparing, and they even lower your gas or electricity bills because you will not be using the oven as much. How many times do you buy meat or vegetables and end up throwing some away? There is no waste with Pro Gains, fresh food at its best.

7) Fresh food won’t make you fat

Eating fresh food means eating well. It won’t contain those ‘more-ish’ chemicals that make you want to have just one more bite. Many processed foods contain addictive chemicals to ensure you always want a bit more. That way, manufacturers sell more and make profits. Don’t let them make money from your misery!

We hope here at PRO Gains we’ve convinced you of the way forward. Let us introduce you to our freshly prepared and delivered meals. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.

BREAKING NEWS : We now offer 2 meals a day for 5 days a week, perfect for the busy professional. Order here NOW, and see for yourself why fresh food is best.


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