This product is the perfect addition to expand on the Professional Gains directors vision of making improvements to your health a convenience, not a chore. By bringing together these 3 unique products we are able to offer you a completely natural multi-vitamin alternative which the body can absorb and utilise to great effect.
Getting to know the ingredients;
Matcha – Our Matcha is grown in the renowned regions of Kyoto, Japan, in the nutrient dense soils high above the Uji River. Matcha is believed to contain a whole host of health benefits including;
– Promoting Relaxation
– Increasing Mental Focus
– Lowering Stress Levels
– Boosting Our Immune System
– Increasing Energy Levels as well as containing 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea.
Baobab – Known as Africa's hidden gem. Baobab is a fruit full of vitamins & minerals. Contains especially high levels of Iron, Magnesium, Zinc & Vitamin C. This making it the perfect antidote to aching muscles, cramps, tiredness & slow recovery times during exercise.
Maca – Our Maca root is grown in the peruvian Mountains, taken by the natives for centuries & believed to increase both sexual labido & endurance. Maca is also an adaptagen, helping to balance hormones & stabilise irregular levels within the body as well as contributing to a healthy nervous system.
With the words super food used far to often we are pleased to present to you a real organic & superfood blend with a subtle addition of natural lemon flavouring to help the medicine go down.
Directions for use: Add 1-2 tsp to 200ml of hot or cold water or add to any smoothie or shake.
Ingredients: Organic Pro Gains Blend (Matcha/Baobab/Maca), Natural Flavouring (Lemon).
Note: This product claims to have no medical properties, store in a dry, cool, place.
Container Size 150g
30 Servings
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