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Introducing Pro Gains Meal Delivery Service

by progainsedit on 16th September 2015

pro gains meal deliveryWho are Pro Gains Meal Delivery?

Pro Gains is the exciting new meal delivery concept that makes eating healthy, easier! Pro Gains allows you to order freshly-made meals with balanced levels of micro and macro nutrients for optimal health, well-being and longevity.

The company was formed around its founder Marco’s own core values of home cooking, healthy eating and optimal nutrition – all inspired by his own family experiences. With active grandparents in their 90’s, who still eat well and source their own fresh ingredients from the local markets – he’s got a lot to inspire him!

“At Pro Gains, we value food and nutrition,” says Marco. “I don’t just want to promote food, but rather a way of thinking that can influence people to understand what they are eating. And once they do, it helps them to become more focused, visualise their goals, and ultimately achieve them. We can take the hard work out of this, leaving people to reap the benefits.”

Pro Gains Meal Delivery will deliver their delicious meals to your door, twice a week. The process is simple: you pick your protein, your carbohydrate and your vegetable for each meal. We do the cutting, cooking, packing and delivering, so you just sit back and enjoy your freshly-prepared food.

Our meals are all packed securely in Tupperware boxes and require just a couple of minutes in the microwave. We like to think you have all the convenience of a ready meal from the supermarket, BUT one that contains all the goodness of fresh food, and none of the negatives associated with processed food.

Our menu options are very varied, and with each order you can swap and change your options, meaning you’ll never get bored. We’re always working on new food ideas too!

And don’t forget there will be NO WASHING UP at home afterwards, leaving you extra time to enjoy doing other things.

The key advantages of Pro Gains Meal Delivery Service

*Customisable meal options with balanced levels of micro and macro nutrients.

*The convenience of a ready meal, with all the nutritional power of a fresh home-made meal.

*No washing up.

*Fewer trips to the supermarket and fewer decision to make when it comes to food meal ideas.

* Two meal delivery dates a week, to ensure your food is always fresh and nutritious.

* Less time cooking at home, and more time for you to enjoy yourself and work out.

*A stress-free way to eat clean (clean is a term many people use to describe eating food that is unprocessed).

*All our food is sourced from the highest quality markets.

*Vegetarian options.

All our meals are created by a top chef to ensure the correct balance between taste, nutrition and variety. We use fresh produce, supplied from Birmingham Wholesale Markets.

We offer an amazing referral system; EARN FREE FOOD for every friend you bring on board. Just speak to Marco about this when you place your next order. We truly are the premier meal delivery service, offering a real healthy alternative to conventional diets.

Our blog is aimed at supplementing your new lifestyle plan. We’ll be posting articles on fitness, health, gyms and lots more. Each article will be full of advice, research and case studies. We like to think knowledge is power – and through this blog we’ll empower you to achieve your goals and be yourself, only better. We are the premium healthy meal delivery service in the UK.

progainseditIntroducing Pro Gains Meal Delivery Service

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