Meet the Professional Gains Ambassadors


Cindy Landolt is Switzerland’s most famous Fitness Athlete and Personal Trainer, she is the owner of The Centurion Club, Europes most exclusive fitness studio, where she trains professional International sports personalities as well as Hollywood actors, singers, politicians and Global Corporation CEOs.

The unique membership policy is strictly vetted by the approval of other clients and ensures the highest attention is paid to each member and their results.

Cindy often appears in Television and Press features, but is very selective regarding interviews and questions about her personal life, this has only created more intrigue and a greater following, leading to her being chosen as one of the most influential people in Zurich by Whos Who Magazine.

As a Personal Trainer, Cindy has an enviable success rate, as well as a client list that sets her apart from most in the industry. She credits this to a lifetime of studying sports, fitness, rehabilitation and nutrition, where she gained a deep knowledge and understanding of all aspects of physical improvement, allowing her to specialize as a Fitness Trainer. But Cindy is keen to point out, that the most important word in Personal trainer, is “Personal”, and that it is these relationships and understandings of the subtle nuances of each and every client that ensure the success of her trainees.

Beyond her work with clients, Cindy also publishes a vast array of free E-Books on the subjects of Training and Nutrition, as well as creating the World’s First ‘Live Stream’ of her training via her website, broadcasting simultaneously through 6 HD cameras to over 100,000 viewers, long before any social media platforms were offering such capability.

Cindy says that, “Working with Progains has really fixed the missing link, allowing me to create highly personalized nutrition plans for my clients, which can not only be strictly adhered to and highly accurate when it comes to calorific intake, but also prepared and delivered regardless of location. It is this attention to detail and great convenience which makes me believe that Progains are an essential factor in my trainees success”…


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