You order. We cook, pack and deliver for you to enjoy.


Across the UK there are thousands of people who want a healthier lifestyle and a better body but are confused about what they should eat and/or do not have the time to prepare the meals that will fulfil their needs. You wouldn’t put shampoo in the washing machine or petrol into a steam train – so why put junk into your body? Here at Professional Gains we offer Nutrition Made Simple, delivered fresh to your door.


At Professional Gains we make nutrition simple by cooking the macros your body needs. Our professionally qualified Chefs have created meals that are equally as tasty as they are healthy. Healthy bodies are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym and we guarantee our meals will help your journey to a better healthier you. Education to us is also important, and you can learn all about nutritional terms we use here.


If you have read this far you clearly care about your health as much as we do. We understand that diets can be very complicated and hard to stick to, our aim is Nutrition Made Simple. Click on our order page where you can choose from a selection of proteins from our inspired menu, ranging from lemon pepper salmon to the people’s favourite pan fried chicken. Next simply choose from the list of carbohydrates and vegetables to accompany your protein. We do not like boring, and our guess is that you don’t either – so choose as many combinations for your meals as you like, there are no limits! We even have a Professional Gains starter package, ideal for those wanting to test the convenience and flavour of our service and food. A small investment with BIG returns.


The founder developed this idea after spending time talking to his grandparents who are still alive at the impressive ages of 94 and 95 respectively. They attribute their long life to eating what they call ‘real food’, no junk or processed alternatives. This inspired our founder to spread the secret of healthy living.

Fast forward to today. We are a national company supplying everyday people with the right food for a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Whether you are at the starting blocks of your fitness or a seasoned athlete, Professional Gains is for you.